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Can stress cause infertility?
When should I see an infertility specialist?
How long does the IVF process take?
How long do I take birth control pills prior to starting my fertility injections in an IVF cycle?
What do I do if I run out of pills or other medications?
What medications can I take while going through cycle?
Is there a problem if I begin bleeding while on birth control pills?
Who do I call if I have a problem/question/run out of medication after hours?
What do I do when I start my period?
How can I avoid adverse side effects from the antibiotics?
When will my follicles be mature?
What time do my ultrasounds need to be done?
What do I do when I see blood in the syringe when giving an injection?
Is there a specific time of day when my blood needs to be drawn?
What if my blood is to be drawn on a weekend?
Will you call me with the results?
What time do I take my medications?