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Financial Information

The Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine is committed to make the financial aspect of your fertility treatments as stress-free as possible. We encourage you to schedule a free financial consult either at the time of your initial patient consultation or prior to beginning fertility treatments so that we can clearly outline the costs of those treatments. We want to you to be fully informed and without any financial surprises.

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Pay Your Bill

During your financial consultation, our counselor can discuss typical treatment charges and review your insurance coverage, as well as explain how the treatment is paid. Many insurance companies will pay for diagnostic fertility procedures and lab work.  It can be very helpful to check your coverage before your appointment.  These are some of the things that can be helpful to look for or ask about: –  What is the definition of fertility treatment in the contract? –  What coverage is listed?  Only diagnostic or treatment cycles as well? –  What procedures require preauthorization? –  What limits, if any, apply to your coverage–in terms of treatment cycles, procedures, etc? –  Are infertility medications covered?  Are there limits to this coverage? ICRM is able to offer several in-house discount programs, including our military discount, repeat cycle discount, and our Fertility ACCESS income-based discount.  For more information on these programs, please contact our financial counselor. Financing is also available.  Please contact our office for further information or visit one of our preferred medical financing companies at Lending Club or CapexMD. ICRM is proud to be able to offer our patients two programs–Compassionate Care and First Steps–that give patients access to fertility medications on a sliding scale from a 25-75% discount, depending on income level. Patients must be able to qualify for the programs.  Many of our patients have received assistance from these wonderful programs. For more information, visit the Compassionate Care website here; or for an application, call 1-855-541-5926.  For more information on the First Steps program, please visit their website here.

Guideline Costs

(Note: These prices do not account for possible additional discounts)

Initial New Patient Consultation

During the initial consult, a comprehensive history will be taken, focusing on fertility.  A transvaginal ultrasound may also be done to evaluate the uterus and ovaries.  Many insurance companies pay for part or all of the initial consultation cost.  Generally, the cost of a new patient appointment is approximately $325, which does not include any labs or other tests that may be run at the time of your first visit.  The cost of a new patient phone consult is also $325.  Typically, insurance companies do not cover phone consultations.

Follow-up Consultations

Follow-up consultations or return visit consultations typically cost $110-210.  Some insurance companies will pay for this visit.  Follow-up consultations following an unsuccessful invitro fertilization cycle (IVF) or frozen embryo transfer cycle (FET) are free of charge.

Monitoring Cycles

ICRM is more than happy to serve as the monitoring clinic for ovum donors or regular patients that are using a clinic out of the area and need blood draws or ultrasounds performed locally.  In addition to our regular lab and/or ultrasound fees, there is an additional $100 monitoring charge for each service.  IE: If we performed both a blood draw and ultrasound, the additional monitoring charge would be $200. FOR SPECIFIC TREATMENT CYCLE FEES AND OTHER FINANCIAL INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT OUR FINANCIAL COUNSELOR. Disclaimer: While efforts are made to keep website pricing up to date, prices are subject to change at any time. Final charges will be determined by the billing department and discussed at the time of your financial consult.