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International Patients

Boise Fall Skyline
Boise Fall Skyline
With three ski areas within two hours, over 30 kilometers of paved biking trails, limitless hiking opportunities and the largest number of naturally occurring hot springs in the United States, Boise boasts an incredibly rich outdoor life. In this setting of fresh mountain air and rivers with crystal clear water, the Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine offers cutting edge reproductive technology with proven success rates at affordable rates. It is no wonder why increasing numbers of individuals and couples from outside the United States have been discovering our hidden gem of a city, in order to get help starting or growing their families through the Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine. The Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine Has worked with patients from: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Columbia, England, France, Israel, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad, and Tunisia. Some comments from our international patients can be found here. ICRM attracts many international patients because of it has high success rates, vast experience in ovum donor/gestational carrier cycles, approximately 100 in-house screened ovum donors and provides personal, friendly care through this process. Because of the lower costs of living in the Boise area, ICRM can offer lower cost treatment cycles. ICRM provides high quality care and is probably the most affordable third party reproductive care in the country. There are 5 active local gestational carrier agencies that attract wholesome gestational carriers. The GC agency fees in Idaho are much less expensive than agencies in larger cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York.

Getting Started

Prior to your initial consultation

You can contact our clinic in order to setup a consultation with one of our physicians. Prior to that appointment, please send a copy of your current medical records so that our doctors can review your information prior to your consultation.

Initial Consultation

Once we have received your medical records and an appointment has been set, physician consultations can be conducted via skype, over the phone, or in person. We want this visit to be as productive as possible for you, so we encourage all involved parties to be present during the consultation. After reviewing your history and provided medical records, an initial treatment plan can be put into place. If you plan to do an ovum donor cycle, you can choose one of our donors with our donor coordinators, Cortney Dalton and Shana Bennett.   ICRM has approximately 100 in-house donors that have been hand selected. Cortney and Shana very much enjoy working with couples through this process and give their professional, personalized touch. They pride themselves on matching you with a donor that meets your desired characteristics. ICRM does not charge an ovum donor agency fee and our donors are pre-screened by medical professionals in order to optimize pregnancy results. If you plan to use a gestational carrier (GC), you can pick a GC with one of our local agencies. Idaho’s GC agencies (provide link) are much less expensive than agencies in larger cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. Idaho’s clean, stress-free surroundings attract wholesome gestational carriers and promote an active, healthy pregnancy.

Traveling to Boise

Even prior to your planned arrival to Boise, our staff can provide you with information on arranging local transportation and accommodations, in order ensure that you have a comfortable visit. Please contact our coordinators, Cortney Dalton and Shana Bennett. We work closely with several local hotels to get discounted rates for our patients. Boise is a very accessible and welcoming city. ICRM is only 15 minutes from the Boise airport and is walking distance to downtown, nice hotels, wonderful restaurants and shops, and the Boise River and local parks. If you are doing an IVF cycle, you can do your pre-cycle testing outside of Boise. This testing consists of lab work and saline sonogram. Your cycle plan will be coordinated months prior to starting medication. You can start your stimulation medication outside of Boise and arrive in Boise after 1 week of stimulation. Once you arrive in Boise, you will be there for approximately 11-15 days if you plan to transfer your embryos into your uterus. If you are using a gestational carrier, you can go home the day after your egg retrieval and will be in Boise approximately 6-10 days. If you are doing an ovum donor/gestational carrier cycle, you will only need to be in Boise 1-2 days. At that time, sperm can be banked and FDA lab work can be done. You could also meet with our reproductive psychologist that time.


Springhill Suites on Parkcenter Boulevard – Rates: $95/night Candlewood Suites Boise Towne Square – Rates: $85-95/night For either, please mention that you would like the rates for the Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine.
ICRM prides itself on working with our international patients and wants you to have the most successful, easiest, and best process ever. We look forward to meeting and working with you and helping you have a baby!