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Patient Resources

Whether it’s a pharmacy you need or just understanding more about reproductive medicine, there are links and resources that may provide helpful information.
The information on this website has been provided to help you obtain further information, services, and resources. Any link to the ICRM website does not imply that we endorse or recommend any of the services, products, or recommendations listed on these links.
ICRM is proud to be able to offer our patients two programs–Compassionate Care and First Steps–that give patients access to fertility medications on a sliding scale from a 25-75% discount, depending on income level. Patients must be able to qualify for the programs. Many of our patients have received assistance from these wonderful programs. For more information, visit the Compassionate Care site here, or for an application, call 1-855-541-5926. For more information on the First Steps program, please visit their website here. MAIL ORDER PHARMACIES                                    LOCAL PHARMACY Avella                                                                        MedSync Pharmacy Ph 877-546-5779 (toll free)                                     208-364-7777 Fax 866-546-5780                                                     801 S. Vista Avenue www.avella.com                                                     Boise, Idaho  83705 Freedom Fertility Pharmacy                               http://medsyncpharmacy.net/ Ph 800-660-4283 (toll free) Fax 888-660-4283 www.freedomfertility.com IntegrityRx Ph 800-321-9956 (toll free) Fax 800-321-9931 http://www.integrityrxsp.com/ MDR Pharmaceutical Care Ph 800-515-3784 (toll free) Fax 888-939-2020 www.mdrusa.com NewEra (formerly Strohecker’s) Pharmacy Ph 877-252-9393 (toll free) Fax 503-222-4868 http://www.newerapharmacy.com/ Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy Ph 800-424-9002 (toll free) Fax 800-874-9197 www.fertility.walgreens.com
Web Resources
The following are helpful links and resources that may provide you with additional information. The American Fertility Association (AFA) www.theafa.org American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) www.asrm.org Attain IVF www.attainfertility.com Bundled Blessings Fertility Foundation https://www.bundledblessingsfertility.com/ Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) www.cdc.gov Fertile Hope www.fertilehope.org Fertility LifeLines www.fertilitylifelines.com Footsteps for Fertility Foundation http://footstepsforfertility.org/ IntegraMed www.integramedfertility.com Interactive Infertility Guide from Walgreens www.walgreens.com/fertility Natera (formerly Gene Security Network) www.natera.com Pacific Coast Reproductive Society (PCRS) www.pcrsonline.org Reproductive Facts www.reproductivefacts.org Resolve: The National Infertility Association www.resolve.org Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) www.sart.org
Psychological Resources
Infertility can be emotionally taxing. It is important that our patients have resources to help them cope with infertility and their feelings during their hopeful transition to parenthood.

Third-Party Reproduction Psychological Evaluation

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) recommends psychological assessment of gamete donors, recipients, and gestational carriers. Psychologists can follow ASRM’s guidelines for addressing the many complex psychological, moral, ethical issues that confront gamete donors, recipients, offspring, and gestational carriers. Carrie Eichberg, Psy.D. (208) 343-0570 1414 W. Franklin Street Boise, Idaho  83702 carrie@dreichberg.com Nancy Thompson, PhD (208) 841-1174 100 Main St., Suite 203 Boise, Idaho  83702 Stephen H. Hill, PhD, PLLC (208) 495-4050 500 W. Idaho St., Suite 245 Boise, Idaho  83702 hillpsychology.com (also speaks Spanish) Jamie Champion, PhD (208) 288-1920 Judy N. Lam, PhD, PLLC (208) 209-2388 1602 W. Hays Street, Suite 201 Boise, Idaho

Other Fertility-Related Counseling

Charmayne Alegria, MA, LPC (208) 283-5855 13923 W. Wainwright Dr., Suite 302 Boise, ID 83713 calegria@cableone.net www.touchpointscounseling.com Elizabeth Ihling, MA (208) 761-5135 Janelle Echkardt PhD (208) 345-8712 (Boise, Idaho)
Naomi Jankowitz, LAc, MSOM (208) 860-4278; naomijankowitz.com; njankowitz18@gmail.com
Idaho Fertility Law, Sarah Edmunds and Monica Cockerille P.O. Box 381 Eagle, Idaho  83616 www.idahofertilitylaw.com sarahedmunds@me.com 208-447-9083 Sarah cell monicacockerille@me.com 208-850-3075 Monica cell Kathleen McRoberts Third Party Reproduction (208) 214-4585 P.O. Box 176 Boise, Idaho  83701 www.thirdpartyreproduction.com kmcroberts@thirdpartyreproduction.com
Sperm Bank Programs
Sperm Bank Inc. California (Fertility Center of California) –  www.spermbankcalifornia.com The Sperm Bank of California –  www.thespermbankofca.org California Cryobank –  cryobank.com Seattle Sperm Bank –  www.seattlespermbank.com *Please note that ICRM does not endorse or require that patients use any of the above listed programs; information for reference only.
Gestational Carrier Agencies
IDAHO BASED AGENCIES: A Host of Possibilities* – (208) 789-1243 – www.hostofpossibilities.com Abundant Life Surrogacy* – (208) 899-7432 – www.abundantlifesurrogacy.com Rocky Mountain Surrogacy, LLC* – (208) 284-7748 – www.rockymountainsurro.com Small Miracles Surrogacy* – (208) 412-8138 –  www.small-miracles-surrogacy.com Miracles in the Making, LLC* – (910) 330-4597 – www.miraclesinthemakingllc.com Idaho Surrogacy Center* – (208) 546-9405 – www.idahosurrogacy.org The Gift of Surrogacy* – (208) 695-0404 – www.thegiftofsurrogacy.com Boise Family Surrogacy* – (208) 830-3245 – www.boisefamilysurrogacy.com United Surrogacy* – (801) 885-2283 – www.united-surrogacy.com NATIONAL AGENCIES: A Host of Possibilities* – (208) 789-1243 – www.hostofpossibilities.com Family Source Surrogacy* – (800) 372-0529 – www.familysourcesurrogacy.com Heartland Surrogacy* – (855) 995-2229 – www.heartlandsurrogacy.com 3 Sisters Surrogacy* – (877) 976-9483 – www.3sisterssurrogacy.com Gestacy* – (760) 580-2074 – www.gestacy.com Surrogate Solutions* – (214) 449-4241 – www.surrogatesolutions.net Northwest Surrogacy Center, LLC* – (503)-233-2818 – www.nwsurrogacycenter.com Angel MatcherSurrogacy* – (321) 308-1156 – www.angelmatcher.com Expect Miracles Surrogacy* – (619) 400-4841 – www.expectmiraclessurrogacy.com Future Families NW Surrogacy* – (541) 224-5125 – www.futurefamiliesnw.com INTERNATIONAL AGENCIES: Canadian Fertility Consultants* – (613) 439-8701 – www.fertilityconsultants.ca Canadian Surrogacy Options* – (519) 220-0555 – www.canadiansurrogacyoptions.com   *Please note that ICRM does not endorse or require that patients use any of the above listed agencies; information for reference only.