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When we were researching fertility clinics in the US, we considered factors such as high success rates, large donor list, and personal touch. What we have found at ICRM in Boise, Idaho has much exceeded our expectations. Not only is this a clinic with a highly successful track record and a large list of local donors, but it is comprised of a team of professionals that go out of their way to make us feel like family. For us, coming from abroad, this is a very important aspect. The entire staff, and in particular Linda Alexander, our nurse coordinator, attended to all of our needs. We also had a chance to explore the city of Boise, with its vibrant downtown, and the beautiful nearby countryside. It made for a perfect vacation. As well as with every interaction that we have had with ICRM, it has reinforced our conviction that we made the right choice. -R.V., Brussels, Belgium (twins arriving September 2015!)

Before coming to ICRM, I felt hopeless and frustrated, not getting any answers or the proper attention. After our first consultation, I knew we had come to the right place. Every person we came into contact with at ICRM treated us with thoughtful care and patience, always taking the time to answer our questions and help us through this incredibly tough journey. You all are changing lives every day, including ours. We are beyond in love with our baby boy. He is truly a miracle! – A., T., and baby O.

My partner and I have had the dream of having a child via ovum donor and gestational carrier for the past 7 years. Having had road blocks and hurdles thrown at us all along the way, we had become very discouraged until we met the folks at ICRM. It all fell right into place as they walked side by side with us through an amazing journey that has led to a beautiful, healthy, and happy baby girl! Never in all my years have I had doctors and nurses take the time to answer questions and return phone calls at the level of service that we experienced at ICRM. We have referred 2 friends in the past six months, and they are having the same amazing experience!  Thank you! – G., J., and baby L., Utah

Dear ICRM, Last May, Ben and I had one embryo transferred–our last one. We became pregnant and had our little miracle on February 3, 2012! She was born healthy and extremely loved! We want to thank Dr. Slater and the amazing ICRM staff for helping us through this journey. I’ll never forget Dr. Slater showing me the embryo picture and explaining how beautiful our last little embryo looked. Not only was she a beautiful embryo, she is a beautiful baby! Our little Seeley is truly a blessing and we are thankful for her and cherish her every moment. – Ben, Carli, and Seeley N.

After trying unsuccessfully for 7 years to have a baby on our own, my husband and I met with Dr. Slater (who is the most fabulous doctor my husband and I have ever met). She laid out a plan for us, and the first step was surgery. I was TERRIFIED, but she took great care of me. After surgery came 3 failed attempts at IUIs. We decided it was time to move to IVF. I remember receiving the biggest box of prescription drugs on my doorstep and thinking, “I wonder what my poor UPS man thinks”! We had a great retrieval and really good fertilization rates, and then after the transfer came the longest waiting game of my life. The office finally called with positive results, and we celebrated together. I delivered 15 days early, but she is healthy and we couldn’t be happier as a family! Dr. Slater and her staff gave us such a great blessing –THANK YOU, ICRM!!! – J., M., and baby J.

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful care, help, and support I received at ICRM. My dream of having a baby using an ovum donor became your goal. Dr. Slater explained the risks and listened to my thoughts and feelings about the embryo transfer and proceeded, honoring my decision. I had an easy, healthy pregnancy at age 47 and delivered twins when others said it couldn’t be done. ICRM got it done. A special thanks to my nurse coordinator, Linda, who was there every step of the way. – K. (& twins W. & W., born October 2014 at 36 weeks!)

ICRM Staff, We want to thank you all so much for the wonderful care we received at your clinic! Everyone we encountered was professional, helpful, and kind. It is such a stressful process struggling with infertility, but you all made the process so much easier. Our heartfelt thanks go out to you. – Corin (Boise, Idaho)

Dear Staff of ICRM, We want to thank you for sticking with us through all of the ups and downs along our 7 year journey that brought us the most wonderful ending. We were doubly blessed last September when T. and C. joined our family! Our babies are ten months old and I still pinch myself and can’t believe they are really our beautiful babies. I always knew M. and I were meant to be parents, I just didn’t know when or how. It was not an easy process and was very difficult at times, but ultimately we grew closer as a couple and learned to rely on each other, our families, friends, and our wonderful medical staff. None of this would have been possible without all of you–the wonderful staff at ICRM! You truly are miracle workers and have given us the opportunity to raise two beautiful children that we have dreamed of having for so long. I am SO thankful every day for these two bundles of joy and everything that you did to make this possible. Although we knew you had a ton of hopeful parents that you work with, we always felt we were your only patients whenever we called, walked through the door, or met with you. We truly appreciated this. We will be forever grateful for your dedication to us, our children, and our family! -M., M., C. & T. (babies C. & T.)

Dr. Slater, I’m leaving your clinic after my 9-week ultrasound and I felt that I had not told you how much your incredible skill and knowledge in this journey has meant to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for us and for your technical expertise that allowed this to happen. – Always, Tracy (Meridian, Idaho)

Words are difficult to find to express the happiness and the gratitude we feel. The simpler, the better. THANK YOU for your hospitality, kindness, and professionalism. We thank the whole ICRM staff for all the support we had, we’ll never forget this journey! -M. & L., France (babies C. & P. born in 2015)

Thank you for helping us realize our dream to have a family! Everyone at ICRM was so supportive and positive, and truly helped make the best of the experience. We appreciate all of your love and positivity, and will forever be grateful for our perfect little boy. Thank you SO much. And FINALLY, we can be the family with OUR photo on your wall–it’s truly an honor!  -B., J., & baby boy C. (born in August 2015)

I truly cannot say enough positive things about this clinic. We started our infertility journey at a different clinic in Utah but just didn’t feel like it was the right place for us. Through another referral, we found ICRM and from the moment we walked in, we felt so welcomed and loved. Their entire staff treated us as if we were their only patient, rather than a statistic. We were surrounded by smiles and loving people who truly wanted the best for us. After we met with Dr Maas, we decided to go forward with IVF. During our initial appointment with Dr Maas, we had hundreds of questions in which he was more than willing to answer. We never felt rushed. The donor coordinator, Linda is absolutely amazing! She is like a mother figure whom you will grow to love. She does everything in her power to get back to you promptly with answers to your questions, she listens and she is a shoulder to lean on. The whole process was as easy as it could be and the staff does an amazing job and making you as comfortable and confident in your decision making as possible. We are currently pregnant with twins from our IVF and feel beyond blessed to have the assistance from this clinic. Thank Dr Maas, Linda and staff! Love, D & J