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Success Rates – Just a Part of the Whole Puzzle

Before you begin treatment, it’s a good idea to be informed and comfortable about the clinic that will be directing your care. In addition to discussiongs with your healthcare provider, you can do research on the success rates and policies of individual clinics. The website for the CDC is a good resource. You can find reports on past success rates for individual clinics, as well as information on patient diagnoses, average number of embryos transferred per cycle, and other factors.

Success rates for a facility can help you understand what to expect from ART (assisted reproductive technology), but the CDC cautions against using statistic to compare one clinic to another. This is because a clinic’s patient selection process and treatment procedures can significantly affect its success rates. For instance, a clinic that refuses or discourages patients with challenging cases may appear to have a high success rate, while one that accepts these patients may appear to have a lower success rate when, in fact, its success with challenging cases is relatively high. In other cases, a clinic may achieve a promising success rate by transferring a high number of embryos per cycle but, in doing so, may create a high risk for multiple births.

A good strategy for selecting a clinic is to look for one that treats a high number of patients who have the same diagnosis you have. And of course, it always makes sense to talk to a physician or nurse directly to ask about a clinic’s policies and make sure you are comfortable with the people who will be treating you.