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There’s an App for That

Attain Fertility® Centers has announced the launch of the Attain Fertility Predictor, a free iPhone app designed for women that will help them determine their chances of becoming pregnant on their own. And for women who are unable to get pregnant on their own and need assisted reproductive technology (ART), the predictor then shows her chances of having a baby through in vitro fertilization (IVF). The first of its kind, the Attain Fertility Predictor is filled with vital information, from when to see a specialist, to how many IVF cycles may provide her the best chance of becoming a parent.
Based on a woman’s age and how long she’s been trying to get pregnant without fertility assistance, the Attain Fertility Predictor helps a woman understand her options, including when she may want to consider seeing a fertility specialist. The Attain Fertility Predictor includes other interactive features and information, including:

– Fertility Center Finder: Helps locate the nearest clinic that’s a part of the Attain Fertility network, request an appointment and get directions.
–  BMI calculator: Suggests whether or not a woman is at her optimal weight.
–  Fertility loan calculator: Calculates payments for fertility loans that can make paying for treatment more manageable and can be used for programs like Attain IVF.
–  Fertility information: Users can learn about causes of infertility, different treatment options, IVF costs and information about the Attain IVF Programs.

The Attain Fertility Predictor is now available at Apple’s iTunes App Store and can be used with iPhones and iPads.