Out-of-town patient planning on undergoing a gestational carrier cycle

Boise and its surrounding areas provide a “family friendly” environment. Boise has many gestational carrier agencies and available gestational carriers who are altruistic and wholesome. Because of Idaho’s lower cost of living, often gestational carrier compensations are lower than rates quoted in metropolitan areas.

If you are undergoing a fertility cycle consisting of IVF with a gestational carrier, we will coordinate both your cycle and your gestational carrier’s cycle. Ideally, we would like you to make one trip to Boise prior to your IVF cycle. During that visit, you will meet your IVF coordinator who will order your medications and review the calendar of the IVF plan. It is also recommended to provide a back-up sperm sample and meet with our financial advisor if this has not occurred prior. If you are unable to make a trip to Boise prior to your IVF cycle, your IVF coordinator will help guide you to make arrangements for the above to be done at a local office and you will have a phone consult with your IVF coordinator to review your IVF calendar.

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