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LGBT Patients

ICRM-16The Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine (ICRM) welcomes lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered singles and couples who want support in building their families. We have helped members of LGBT community locally, nationally, and internationally realize their dreams of parenthood. ICRM has worked extensively with the LGBT community, and has one of the largest in-house donor/surrogate programs in the Western United States. Our prior patients (see testimonials) and track record speak for themselves when it comes to demonstrating our commitment to the LGBT community. ICRM has high success rates and provides personalized, compassionate, and friendly care through this process.

FAQs for gay male singles and couples

Why get treatment through the Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine?
Why Boise?
We are interested in doing a donor egg /gestational carrier cycle with ICRM. How do we get started?
We live outside of the United States. How long do we need to stay in Boise?
What are the medical office costs associated with an ovum donor/gestational carrier cycle?
If I have further questions, who can I contact?

FAQs for lesbian singles and couples

We need to use a sperm donor. How do we go about purchasing sperm?
What is the difference between IUI versus ICI frozen sperm?
What if we know someone who wants to be a sperm donor?
What is the difference between intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilization?
My partner wants to provide the eggs, and I want to carry the pregnancy. How would that process work?
Who should we contact if we have more questions?