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Traveling to Boise

Even prior to your planned arrival to Boise, our staff can provide you with information on arranging local transportation and accommodations, in order ensure that you have a comfortable visit. Please contact our coordinators, Cortney Dalton and Shana Bennett. We work closely with several local hotels to get discounted rates for our patients.

Boise is a very accessible and welcoming city. ICRM is only 15 minutes from the Boise airport and is walking distance to downtown, nice hotels, wonderful restaurants and shops, and the Boise River and local parks.

If you are doing an IVF cycle, you can do your pre-cycle testing outside of Boise. This testing consists of lab work and saline sonogram. Your cycle plan will be coordinated months prior to starting medication. You can start your stimulation medication outside of Boise and arrive in Boise after 1 week of stimulation. Once you arrive in Boise, you will be there for approximately 11-15 days if you plan to transfer your embryos into your uterus. If you are using a gestational carrier, you can go home the day after your egg retrieval and will be in Boise approximately 6-10 days.

If you are doing an ovum donor/gestational carrier cycle, you will only need to be in Boise 1-2 days. At that time, sperm can be banked and FDA lab work can be done. You could also meet with our reproductive psychologist that time.