Out-of-town patient undergoing an IVF cycle on yourself

First, you will need to schedule a new patient phone consult. At that time, your physician will outline a treatment plan. If you are planning to undergo an IVF cycle, ideally we would like you to make one trip to Boise prior to your IVF cycle, but this is not 100% necessary. During that visit, you will meet your IVF coordinator who will order your medications and review the calendar of the IVF plan. A hydrosonogram will also be performed by a physician if it has not been done in the last year. It is also recommended to provide a back-up sperm sample and meet with our financial advisor if this has not occurred prior. If you are unable to make a trip to Boise prior to your IVF cycle, your IVF coordinator will help guide you to make arrangements for the above to be done at a local office and you will have a phone consult with your IVF coordinator to review your IVF calendar.

Your IVF medications will be mail ordered by a specialty pharmacy and sent to your home. When you start your IVF medication, you will initially have 1 ultrasound and 1 blood draw locally. After this, you will arrive in Boise. Most likely you will need to stay in Boise approximately 8-10 days to complete your IVF cycle. If you live in Eastern Idaho, your ultrasound monitoring during the ovarian stimulation process will occur locally, and you will only need to come to Boise for your egg retrieval and embryo transfer, thus requiring you to be in Boise only for 2 days.

After your embryo transfer, you can travel to your home. It is fine to travel on the day of your embryo transfer. We will give you lab slips so that you can get your pregnancy blood test at a local laboratory. The blood pregnancy tests are typically done 8 and 10 days after your embryo transfer. We are wishing you success with your journey to have a baby!