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Getting Started

Prior to your initial consultation

If you are planning on starting your journey from abroad, contact our international liaisons at international@idahoreproductive.com. They will be able to explain how to begin your journey and assist with booking appointments and facilitating first steps.

Initial Consultation

Once we have received your medical records and an appointment has been set, physician consultations can be conducted via skype, over the phone, or in person. We want this visit to be as productive as possible for you, so we encourage all involved parties to be present during the consultation. After reviewing your history and provided medical records, an initial treatment plan can be put into place.

If you plan to do an ovum donor cycle, you can choose one of our donors with our donor coordinators, Cortney Dalton and Shana Bennett.   ICRM has approximately 100 in-house donors that have been hand selected. Cortney and Shana very much enjoy working with couples through this process and give their professional, personalized touch. They pride themselves on matching you with a donor that meets your desired characteristics. ICRM does not charge an ovum donor agency fee and our donors are pre-screened by medical professionals in order to optimize pregnancy results.

If you plan to use a gestational carrier (GC), you can pick a GC with one of our local agencies. Idaho’s GC agencies are much less expensive than agencies in larger cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. Idaho’s clean, stress-free surroundings attract wholesome gestational carriers and promote an active, healthy pregnancy.